Super Bowl Rejects

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I read in the Christian Post that “The National Football League is continuing it’s more than 15-year partnership with World Vision to donate the multimillion dollar merchandise from the Super Bowl’s losing team’s pre-printed championship clothing to Zambia, Armenia, Nicaragua and Romania. According to the NFL Director of Community Affairs, for a lot of the recipients, this would be their first time having brand new clothing. Other philanthropic organizations that donate the losing team’s apparel are Reebok, Sports Authority, Dick’s and Modell’s.”

In other words, soon hundreds of Zambian children will be wearing high-quality polo shirts proclaiming the Pittsburgh Steelers to be proud champions of Super Bowl XLV.

It’s a great system, with worthy recipients benefitting from quality items that can’t otherwise be used. Which makes me wonder if it couldn’t find a parallel in the preaching world.

Don’t you suppose Chuck Swindoll, Max Lucado, Andy Stanley and other well-known preachers have sermon ideas that just don’t pan out? Can’t you imagine Rick Warren putting a couple of hours into a sermon before realizing that, for whatever reason, it just isn’t working for him? Well, what doesn’t work for Chuck or Rick might be just the ticket for Pastor Bob at Little Hope Baptist Church. Shouldn’t we let Pastor Bob try it on for size?

Maybe World Vision can add this to the repertoire of services. Pastor Bob is waiting.

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