Questions before you preach

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Speaking at the Radicalis conference, Andy Stanley offered these five questions he asks every week as he preaches. They would be good ones for any of us to ask as we prepare to preach.

  1. Who is this about, really? (As long as the communication is about me, then I will fail in my approach to draw people in…)
  2. What’s my burden? (Dig until you find it.)
  3. Where is the tension? (Boring messages feel irrelevant because no one has elicited any tension in the room.) What is the problem this passage fixes? Where is the tension this passage resolves? Where is the mystery this passage solves?
  4. Do I own this? (Have I internalized this message?)
  5. Am I allowing the text to speak? (Bring your energy to the text. Uncover the energy in the text.)

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