Leadership Lessons from the World Cup

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Have you been keeping up with events at the World Cup? It is the most popular sporting event in the world, and even Americans showed significant interest – helped, no doubt, by the success of the US team, despite their ultimate disappointing finish.

The Australian newsletter Sitepoint Tribune offers some leadership lessons from the World Cup: “The players and teams that are there in South Africa are the best in their sport. They don’t just happen to have talent; they also work hard to improve. Here are just some of the traits you’ll find being displayed on and off the grass.

These people don’t give up. They’ve reached that position because they’ve battled through many obstacles and shown amazing perseverance.

Because there are 11 people on a field, they all know the value of teamwork. As well as being great individually, they work hard on being a cohesive team.

Constant education
These players kept on improving even when they’d made the big league. They constantly train and refine, spending years learning what works and what doesn’t.

Celebrating success
The game is more than just about physical skills; the players keep their momentum up by celebrating their successes, as well as learning from their failures.

It’s all about communication out on the field. We could all take a lesson out of their book for how they communicate with fellow team members.

These guys believe in themselves. You have to have a great self-belief to walk out in front of millions of viewers and do your work. They cut through any self doubt and know they can achieve.

Exceptional focus
The players keep their eyes on the ball, pardon the pun. They’re at the peak of their sport because they have an amazing focus on the end goal — being the best at what they do. You can be assured that they’re not distracted easily.”

What can you and your church or organization learn about seeking to be the best at what you do? Might we ever hope to get our congregations as excited about God as the folks in this video are about soccer?

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