Why Do We Preach?

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Why did God consider preaching to be something of such urgency that He places a divine calling upon selected messengers to proclaim His Word? What is the purpose of this task we call preaching? Why do we preach?

Questions before you preach

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Speaking at the Radicalis conference, Andy Stanley offered these five questions he asks every week as he preaches. They would be good ones for any of us to ask as we prepare to preach. Who is this about, really? (As …

Defining Expository Preaching

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There are many definitions of expository preaching which have been offered over the years, but perhaps the most popular one among evangelicals is the definition of Haddon Robinson, from his book Biblical Preaching: “Expository preaching is the communication of a …

What is expository preaching?

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Over more than 25 years of editing Preaching magazine, and even longer studying the history of Christian preaching, one of the things I have learned is that preaching never stands still. Effective preaching is constantly adapting to the cultural realities …