Preaching on Mission

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The Millennial generation self identifies as approximately 7% Christian. This is only 2% from being eligible to be classified as an unreached people-group. This means that all churches in North America must regain their missional footing. We are a people on a mission.

Loving God With Your Mind

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Your brain is the most amazing thing ever created. It’s a three-pound mass of tissue that contains more than 100 billion neurons, with each of those connecting to about 10,000 other neurons. In other words, your brain is like a …

Of Pastors and Presidents

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I’ve been watching the presidential candidate debates – I know, I really need a hobby – and it occurs to me that if churches called pastors the way parties nominate presidents . . . We’d line up 7 or 8 …

Avoiding the Appearance of Evil

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Whether you are a Republican or Democrat, conservative or liberal, the recent events surrounding presidential candidate Herman Cain should be a reminder to all of us that it is not enough to avoid doing bad things; we should work hard …

A Better Place to Occupy

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Across America we’re hearing news reports about groups setting up camp in public parks and other locations to demonstrate their opposition to Wall Street, corporations, government and any number of other antagonists. It started as Occupy Wall Street, but we …

Hiring Staff

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One of the most exciting times in the life of a church is when they are able to hire new staff. In his book Strategic Disciple Making, Aubrey Malphurs tells us there are three times when churches should recruit staff: …