A Better Place to Occupy

Michael DuduitMisc Leave a Comment

Across America we’re hearing news reports about groups setting up camp in public parks and other locations to demonstrate their opposition to Wall Street, corporations, government and any number of other antagonists. It started as Occupy Wall Street, but we now have groups from Occupy Nashville to Occupy Oakland and dozens of cities in between.

I wonder if the folks occupying various cities realize the real enemy isn’t Wall Street or Capitol Hill but a culture marred by sin. You could grab every dollar that currently runs through Wall Street and it wouldn’t solve the problems of greed, deceit, broken homes and broken lives.

Here’s a better bet: Occupy Worship. Meet the One who alone can satisfy your needs and breach the chasm caused by sin, and the best news is you don’t even have to go to New York or any other city to Occupy Worship—you can demonstrate anywhere!

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